A key component to making a space look beautiful is the interior designers. At Sharp office interiors, we have the professional knowledge and resources to make your new interior look spectacular. Creating an image is our forte and we can help project your desired imagtThroughout the office areas.


Sharp Office Interiors has a highly skilled staff of professional designers to assist and support the client’s requirements. We will work with our clients to determine what best suits their needs and focus on projecting the client's image. In addition, we will produce a 3D rendering to depict how the new space will look. This allows the client to select not only what suits their needs, but also their budget.


Once the picture is complete, Sharp Office Interiors will bring the vision to reality.

Sharp Office Interiors is a full service contract furniture dealership. Our approach offers an extensive array of furniture and other related products provided and managed by our staff of skilled professionals.


Sharp Office Interiors professionals include designers, project managers, CAD operators, administrative and support staff to assist in the smooth and efficient workflow of each project.

The principal services provided are:


  • Furniture Procurement and Management

  • Furniture Repair and Re-Upholstery

  • Wood Refinishing

  • Warehousing, Delivery & Installation

  • Relocation (Local, Regional & Nationwide)

  • Restoration & Re-manufacturing

  • Consultation


Office Design
Furniture Sales

Fulfilling client’s needs in a timely and cost effective way requires review throughout the project. Sharp Office Interiors has established a supportive team to complete the process from initial design, to implementation, to project completion.


One of the more challenging parts of office renovation or relocation, is to responsibly manage the intricate and time-consuming details of installation. With a select group of highly experienced office installation technicians, Sharp Office Interiors is able to put any project, large or small, in the hands of our efficient technicians. We accomplish this by working closely with our istallers, keeping updated information on project progress.


Once the job is underway, our professional team will be available to represent you to ensure the job is being done properly and within the promised timeline. 

Interior Design               Furniture Sales             Installation